Chronology of Writing | Drawing Supports

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Some Known and Some Approximate Dates:

3000 (at least) Egyptians cultivate Papyrus and produce scrolls In use until the 11th c. AD
300 Use of Animal Skins, Parchment, Vellum Pergamon was a big parchment center and lent its name. Animal skins probably used much, much earlier.
105  (possibly 100 to 200 years earlier) Chinese Invent Paper (bamboo, mulberry, and  hemp) Paper and papermaking know-how travel the Silk Routes
610 Paper made in Japan
751 Samarkand becomes paper making center. Paper made from mulberry plants
793 Paper made in Baghdad (made from hemp ropes)
900 Paper made in Egypt and apparently recycled linen wraps of mummies
1150 Moors introduce paper to Spain
1200 – 1300 Paper Made in Italy (linen and hemp rags) Introduce watermarks and animal skin size
1690 Hollander Machine Invented in Holland Speeds up paper making process. Cotton easily beaten with hollander.
1757 Wove Paper invented by James Whatman in England Mesh wire cloth produces a paper without visible laid and chain lines.
1844 Groundwood Pulp Process patented in Germany
1870 Great expansion of wood paper mills

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