Happy New Year

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Naples 1476 Watermark

Ship Watermark – Naples, 1476 – Piccard Watermark Collection Inv. No. 156036

Every Best Wish for a Sweet Sixteen

Season’s Greetings

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Season's Greetings - 2014





Season’s Greetings

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briquet 15541 - reindeer head - brabant 1449

Briquet Watermark 15441 – Brabant – 1449

Season’s Greetings

And All Best Wishes for 2014

From Lucy Vivante and Vivante Drawings






Season’s Greetings

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All best wishes for the holidays and 2012

Two Drawings

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A couple of drawings to talk about here. The first, in the Uffizi, is a drawing of a standing male nude. It has been variously attributed to Stefano da Verona or his circle. While we’re no closer to a firm attribution, there has been some convincing work, showing the subject to be JFK. The search for a fragment with Ms. Monroe is currently underway.

Stefano da Verona Circle | Standing Male Nude | Early 15th century | Pen and brown ink on laid paper | 187 x 129 mm | Uffizi | Florence

The other, a much later drawing, shows Thomas Bewick at work on his banged up MacBook Pro. His pet duck is playing possum.

Johnny Millais | Portrait of Thomas Berwick | 1891 | Photo of book plate showing brown ink repro of 250 x 178 mm drawing